Sustainable Standards

At V I R C I É, we are not about fast fashion. We understand the importance of building long lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers, partner brands, and factories. Each product is inspected by our staff to ensure it meets our quality standards prior to making it to your home. 

1. Never compromise basic human rights over profit.

2. Wages are fair and consistent regardless of race, color, sexual orientation or preference. 

3. Provide a transparent circular loop for sustainable supply chain.

4. Raw Materials Report for products: Stainless Steel, Recycled Leather, Organic Cotton, Recycled Plastics, Waxed Canvas.

🌿Sustainable and conscious. 🌿

We partner with factories that share our values and work to ensure our code of conduct is upheld at all times.

We are serious about treating people and our planet well. 


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