About Us

As tech professionals for over 15 years we have searched high and low for tech accessories that matched our style and allowed for a level of personalization.  As we began our search we continuously fell short on finding professional items that were functional, made of quality sustainable materials, and allowed us to express our personal style, so we decided to create it.


Introducing, V I R C I É, accessories for the EVERYDAY professional. 

V I R C I É is focused on using sustainably conscious practices to bring technology accessories to the EVERYDAY professional. At V I R C I É, we define the "everyday professional" as someone who takes each waking moment with intention, knows their worth, composed, genuine, sincere, compassionate, takes care of business, and a classic with elements of texture added in. The EVERYDAY professional embodies the mentality that I will not let the day own me, I will own the day! Sincere connections is where they thrive.