The Leaf Letters

Hello and welcome to my FIRST blog post. The excitement around the journey we will embark on is exhilarating, yet scary at the same time.  I am SO glad you are here and I want to say thank you for your interest - even if you stumbled on my page inorganically, you are welcome to stay and make yourself comfortable. 

For my first blog post I thought it would be appropriate for you to get to know me, my why for my business, and understand how we will navigate the space of tech + sustainability together. There will be learning, laughter, and humility as we embark on this journey. I will turn to the experts to gain greater insights into how technological innovations will shape our sustainability agendas.

So, why V I R C I É? 

As a tech professional for over 15 years I have searched high and low for tech accessories that matched my style and allowed me to bring in a level of personalization.  As I began my search I continuously fell short on finding professional items that were functional, made of quality materials, and allowed me to express my personal style, so I decided to create it.

V I R C I É is focused on using sustainable practices to bring technology accessories to the EVERYDAY professional. We define the everyday professional as someone who takes each waking moment with intention, knows their worth, is composed, genuine, sincere, compassionate, takes care of business, and a classic with elements of texture added in. The EVERYDAY professional is your mom, sister, friend, pastor, or neighbor. They embody the mentality that I will not let the day own me, I will own the day! They thrive in sincere connections. Make your EVERYDAY! 




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